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Friends of Ludington State Park (FLSP) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to promoting wise use and conservation of this gem that is Ludington State Park. FLSP works to support and improve the park through the funding of projects, recreational equipment and interpretive programs and by volunteering to assist park staff on projects and trail clean-up.

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Key Upcoming Projects

The Friends of the Ludington State Park periodically raise funds for capital projects that enhance the State Park.  Presently we are evaluating the acquisition and placement of a canoe / kayak launcher on Hamlin Lake.  Please check back for updates on this exciting project.  

Be safe when you swim in Lake Michigan!

Rip currents form when waves break over a sandbar near the shoreline and the water and its momentum get trapped between sandbar and shore. When the water and the momentum build up, the water has to go somewhere. One of the ways the pressure is relieved is when water returns to the lake in the form of a rip current, a narrow but powerful stream of water and sand moving (ripping) swiftly away from shore. Rip currents that vary in size and speed can be found on many beaches every day.  Outlet currents can be found where rivers and streams empty into the Great Lakes. The flow of water from the river or stream can move quickly. As it enters the open water of a lake, it may take awhile for that current to dissipate. Pair that with currents that are present in the lake and the situation can become dangerous. 

For park reservations or  for other information check out the Ludington State Park Website.

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