FLSP August 2021 eNewsletter

Summer 2021 Events

There has been great attendance at the summer entertainment programs. While the weather has not always cooperated, it has not dampened the enthusiasm for the events. There are six more events scheduled throughout the month of August. Check them out on the events page or at this link.  

Kayak Lunch Target Installation Delayed

The concrete approach for the kayak launch on Hamlin Lake has been completed.

Kayak Launch

As reported last month, unfortunately the installation of the kayak / canoe launch has been delayed as a result of contractor and supply chain delays. The concrete approach has been completed. The area will eventually include two kayak racks for staging of kayaks. We are hopeful the kayak launch will still be installed this summer.  The State Park staff are continuing to work with DNR officials in Lansing on the approval to designate and install signage for the novice kayak / canoe trail to the north of the LSP Hamlin Beach. For move information visit the kayak page on the FLSP website. 

Board Member Highlight

FLSP board member Steve Begnoche has served on the board since its inception in 1992.

His invitation to join in the group being formed by now-retired LSP park manager Mike Mullen came on a cross-country ski trail at the park Mullen happened to be working on when Steve skied by.

Nearly 30 years later, Steve continues as board secretary a position he inherited from Mullen back in the 1990s.

Steve has visited Ludington Park for more than 40 years and brought his wife, Brenda and three daughters to visit the park long before they became residents of Ludington. Steve remains a fan of the park’s trail system, its beauty and diverse landscapes. A photographer, writer and retired managing editor of the Ludington Daily News, the park remains important to him for recreation, photography and as part of the community he has called home since 1987. 

Whether hiking, fishing, kayaking, skiing or scrambling over dunes, trekking along the beach or on a favored trail, Steve is happy to give back to a state park that gives him and so many others so much every day.

Steve Begnoche, Secretary FLSP

Volunteering for FLSP

Volunteer opportunities are posted under Volunteer tab on the FLSP website. We are still in need of volunteers to help out at the entertainment events by passing the bucket for goodwill donations towards the costs of the entertainment or helping with the September 21 litter pick-ups. To sign up for volunteer activities check out the volunteer opportunities under the volunteer tab or click here.

Litter Pick-up

The third and final litter pick-up for 2021 will occur on September 21. We pick up litter along the northernmost 2 miles of the M-116 roadside leading into Ludington State Park. Please sign-up to help us by clicking here to register or email FriendsofLudingtonStatePark@gmail.com

Nashville musician, singer-songwriter Chloe Kimes performs at the LSP Lake MI Beach House on August 4.

Pass the Bucket

There is still time to help FLSP this summer by Passing the Bucket at an FLSP Entertainment event.  After a brief overview of FLSP by a FLSP Board Member, FLSP Volunteers help by passing a bucket for goodwill donations at the entertainment event. To sign-up to help, please click here or email FriendsofLudingtonStatePark@gmail.com.  

*** New Projects ***


Trackchairs are becoming increasingly popular at MI State Parks as another way to increase the accessibility to parks for those with mobility challenges. The FLSP has allocated $5,000 towards the $13,000 cost of purchasing a trackchair for the LSP. Click here for more information on the trackchair or to donate. 

Trackchairs are being used at other MI State Parks.

SeeCoast Viewer -

Enchroma Enabled 

Did you know that 1 in 12 men and 1 in 200 women are colorblind?  FLSP is raising funds to acquire a viewer for the LSP.  The viewer will allow more people to enjoy the beautiful colors as seen in the landscape from a walkway in the park. For more info click here.