FLSP June 2021 eNewsletter

Summer 2021 Events

The summer entertainment events are now posted to the events section of the FLSP website. The 2021 series kicks off with Rupert Wates on June 23. There are many returning acts as well as some performers who are appearing at the LSP for the first time. Check out the full line up on the events page.  

Kayak Lunch Target Installation before July 4th

A kayak launch similar to the above one should be installed on Hamlin Lake by mid-June.

Kayak Launch

Besides raising the funds for the kayak launch, we have also raised enough funds to add kayak racks near the launch and a novice kayak / canoe trail to the north of the LSP Hamlin Beach. The launch should be installed by July 4, once the concrete work on the approach to the area has been completed. (The launch installation was delayed due to contractor availability.) For move information visit the kayak page under the donate tab on the FLSP website. 

Board Member Highlight

Volunteering has been a big part of my life. Community projects are important to me. From school projects, when my children were young. I also was involved in restoring the Penn Theater in Plymouth.  I was the main coordinator for the Balloons for Thanksgiving Parade for 26 Years. these truly were some of my favorite volunteer activities.

After I moved to Ludington, I again volunteered by becoming a member of the City of Ludington Planning Commission. It was a great experience

Bob Sasin, President FLSP

and I meet a lot of dedicated people who loved this town like I do. I loved it so much that is why I ended up moving here after Susan and I retired. We could not think of any better place to live. We feel very lucky to be here in paradise.  I joined Friends of Ludington State Park in 2010 and then in 2012 became the President of FLSP.

The Ludington State Park has always been a very special place to me and my family.   I have many wonderful memories from camping at the park for 45 years. We celebrated many birthdays, holidays, weddings, and made new friends, who we’ve camped with over the years. Our camping family and friends are now 3 generations strong and we are looking forward to the fourth generation someday. 

Warmest regards, 

Bob Sasin, President of FLSP

Volunteering for FLSP

New volunteer opportunities have been posted under the events tab on the FLSP website. They include the need for volunteers to help out at the entertainment events by passing the bucket for goodwill donations towards the costs of the entertainment. Two dates have been scheduled, July 20 and September 21, for litter pick-ups. To sign up for volunteer activities check out the volunteer opportunities under the events tab or click here.

Bottles and cans in the process of being returned for FLSP.  A typical return day is one or two garbage bags.

Bottle and Can Return

A key activity and fundraising opportunity for FLSP throughout the summer is collecting and returning thousands of returnable bottles and cans. The LSP Camp Hosts play an important role in this activity by collecting and sorting the bottles and cans. While a distributor picks up certain brands, others need to be returned to local stores. Twice a week, Tuesday and Thursday, one or two volunteers pick-up the bottles and cans from LSP and return them mainly to Meijer. As a volunteer you can decide what time you pick-up and return the bottles and cans.

FLSP is fortunate to have volunteers that routinely return the bottles and cans.  If you are willing to volunteer, please provide your contact information by registering here.  As additional help is needed, you will be contacted.

Coast to Coast Gravel Grinder

The Coast to Coast Gravel Grinder and Ludington 100 Mile Loop Bicycle Races are coming to Ludington June 26 and 27, 2021.  The Friends of Ludington State Park serves as the local charity partner for both races.  A donation is made to FLSP for each volunteer hour spent helping at the events. You must register to volunteer and indicate you support FLSP in order for FLSP to receive a donation in your honor. You will be able to select a specific shift once you start the registration process and indicate you are registering to volunteer. For more information click here.

The Coast to Coast Gravel Grinder and Ludington 100 Mile Loop Race are both sponsored by Michigan Adventure Racing. FLSP serves as the local charity partner.

*** New Projects ***


Trackchairs are becoming increasingly popular at MI State Parks as another way to increase the accessibility to parks for those with mobility challenges. The FLSP has allocated $5,000 towards the $13,000 cost of purchasing a trackchair for the LSP. Click here for more information on the trackchair or to donate. 

Trackchairs are being used at other MI State Parks.

SeeCoast Enchroma Enabled Viewer

Did you know that 1 in 12 men and 1 in 200 women are colorblind?  The FLSP Board has applied for a grant to fund the purchase of a SeeCoast Enchroma Enabled Viewer for the LSP.  This device would allow more people to enjoy the beautiful colors as seen in the landscape from a walkway in the park. For more info click here.