FLSP October 2021 eNewsletter

The ribbon cutting for the kayak launch occurred on September 14.

Kayak Launch Ribbon Cutting

FLSP and community members gathered on Tuesday, September 14, to cut the ribbon and officially open the kayak / canoe launch. Bob Sasin, President of FLSP thanked the many donors and volunteers that contributed to make the latest FLSP project a reality.  

The State Park staff continue to work with DNR officials in Lansing on the approval to designate and install signage for the novice kayak / canoe trail to the north of the LSP Hamlin Beach. It is expected that the novice trail will be established and the current "southern" trail will be refreshed in 2022. For move information visit the kayak page on the FLSP website. 

Never too early to plan

Skiing by lantern light at the LSP.

Winter Events

Alan Wernette, DNR Park Interpreter, will offer a full schedule of guided snow shoeing hikes this winter. There will also be the return of lite snow shoeing / skiing / hikes on Saturday evenings in January and February. If you are interested in helping with lighting the lanterns please email FriendsofLudingtonStatePark@gmail.com and we will add your contact information to the volunteer list for this activity. 

Board Member Highlight

Gary Hearing is vice president of the Friends of Ludington State Park. He joined FLSP in 2015 shortly after moving to Ludington from the western suburbs of Chicago area.

“I recall meeting Bob Sasin at a Friday Night Live event. As always, he was promoting FLSP and recruiting new members. I joined immediately and enjoyed meeting other members and becoming involved in the many volunteer activities at LSP. I joined the board in 2019.”

Like many, Gary visited the Ludington area before making it home. “We first discovered Ludington and the State Park while doing a motorcycle tour from Chicago, around Lake Superior and back,

Gary Hearing, VP FLSP

that trip also included our first trip on the Badger. We returned over the years camping and enjoying all that the park and the Ludington area has to offer.”

An avid hiker, Gary said, “I’ve always enjoyed hiking the many trails, volunteering at the many events FLSP sponsors. I think my favorite events are the lantern lit snowshoe hikes we hold in January and February each year. I’m always amazed at the event turnout during the coldest evenings of the year."

“I’ve always pursued more outdoor activities from over 300,000 miles of
motorcycling, camping, hiking, kayaking, skiing and always learning more Irish
tunes on the fiddle. We’ve found Ludington and LSP offers ample opportunity
for all.” His family shares his fondness for the park.

“Our children and grandchildren visit often during the year. The State Park and
the surrounding area never disappoints. Regardless of the season, there’s always an activity that pleases. And a trip to House of Flavors is always a must do.”

Gary sees others finding the area attractive.

“I used to think Ludington was a well-kept secret, but it’s obvious it’s becoming
well known and desirable location for all. Just check out the variety of license

plates around town or at the park. Those of us who are blessed to live here
understand the attraction. It’s been a wonderful experience to be a part of the
many changes and improvements FLSP has been able to contribute to the State Park. A great partnership with the Park Staff over the years makes for our
continued success.”

Board Update

On September 14, FLSP held its annual meeting during which Gary Hearing, Steve Begnoche and Patrick O'Hare were reelected to two-year Board terms.  At the subsequent Board Meeting, Officers were appointed for the upcoming year including Patrick O'Hare, President; Gary Hearing, Vice President; Craig Rathke, Treasurer; and Steve Begnoche, Secretary.  The Board extended its appreciation to Bob Sasin for having served the last 8 years as Board President. Bob remains on the Board and will continue to serve in numerous capacities including as a major cheerleader for the LSP and FLSP.

*** New Projects ***


Trackchairs are becoming increasingly popular at MI State Parks as another way to increase the accessibility to parks for those with mobility challenges. The FLSP has allocated $5,000 towards the $14,000 cost of purchasing a trackchair for the LSP. Click here for more information on the trackchair or to donate. 

Trackchairs are being used at other MI State Parks.

SeeCoast Viewer -

Enchroma Enabled 

Did you know that 1 in 12 men and 1 in 200 women are colorblind?  FLSP is raising funds to acquire a viewer for the LSP.  The viewer will allow more people to enjoy the beautiful colors as seen in the landscape from a walkway in the park. For more info click here.  

FLSP Logo Wear

You can purchase FLSP logo wear at Gordys, an FLSP business member. Visit the store at 104 W Ludington Avenue or shop online