August 2022 eNewsletter

LACA and FLSP Art Exhibit Opens

The Ludington Area Center for the Arts (LACA) and FLSP art exhibit will start on Friday, August 5 with a public reception from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. The exhibit is open to the public through Saturday, August 27, 2022. LACA hours are Tuesday, Thursday, Friday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.; Wednesdays from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.; and Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. For more information visit the LACA website.

Monthly Guided Hikes

FLSP is pleased to announce the start of monthly guided hikes the third Sunday of the month beginning at 2 p.m. from the Warming Shelter. Each hike will be led by two volunteer hike leaders and will cover different areas of the park. You do not have to be an experienced hiker to participate since hiking pace and length will vary depending on the interest of the participants. Join LSP hikers on Sunday, August 21 at 2 p.m. for the inaugural hike. 

For more information contact FLSP Vice President, Gary Hearing, Hike Coordinator via email.

Track Chair in Action

Have you seen the Track Chair in action at the LSP?  Numerous visitors to the park have been using the track chair to enjoy areas of the park that previously were difficult or impossible for them to reach because of mobility challenges.  To increase awareness of the use of the track chair, FLSP will be placing a sign on the back of the track chair indicating it can be reserved and used free of charge.

In July, LSP became the first park in the state of MI to provide a video overview of the track chair. The video was funded by FLSP and is available on the website or by clicking here.

This is a note recently received from Linda Miller. "Just want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for obtaining the track chair. We took my daughter out in it this morning and walked the beach!  She absolutely LOVED it! You people are awesome!!!"

Linda and Joe Miller and Linda's daughter Jenny 

Entertainment Series Continues

There is plenty of entertainment still scheduled to occur at LSP this summer thanks to the donors and volunteers of FLSP.  Bring a chair or blanket to sit on. Mosquito repellant is sometimes advisable at the amphitheater. A Michigan Recreation Passport is required to drive into the park. For a complete listing of the 2022 entertainment series schedule, click here

If you are interested in helping FLSP by passing the bucket at an event sign-up by clicking here. 

Camp Hosts Make the Difference

Each summer four couples serve as Camp Hosts at the LSP. The Camp Hosts are in the campsite across from the camp store in Cedar.

Camp Hosts provide a variety of support to LSP including amongst other things coordinating activities for youth, acting as an informational resource within the park, checking on the bathrooms, and more. One service they provide that benefits FLSP significantly is the sorting of returnables. In 2021, they sorted 67,000 returnables and without their involvement the FLSP returnables program would not exist. 

Current Camp Hosts are Jack and Laura Flynn from Portland, MI. They believe there is no better camping experience than Ludington State Park. They have camped there for 49 years and been hosts for 6 years. Jack and Laura stated, "We hear many positive comments for the improvements and programs made possible by the Friends of LSP.  Our family as well as many others shout out a big “THANK YOU” for the wonderful memories made each year." 

In mid-August, LSP will welcome back Camp Hosts Warren and Becky Noble.  If you are out at the LSP please thank Jack and Laura and Warren and Becky for all they do for the LSP. 

Warren and Becky Noble

ByWarren and Becky Noble 

We have lived near Onondaga, Michigan, between Jackson and Lansing all our lives. Becky retired from the Ingham Intermediate School District in 2014 and Warren retired from an engineering career in 2008. We have two grown children and four grandchildren.

We began visiting Ludington State Park in the 1970’s, first with a tent. After our children were born, we acquired an old tent camper, and then a 16-foot trailer. Now we have a 28-foot trailer with a

real bed. We have not visited LSP exclusively (Michigan has so many great State Parks), but it has always been a stop. Our kids loved the Great Lakes Visitor Center. In fact, as hosts, we hear every year from campers how much they and their kids loved it as well.

For several years, we talked about applying to be Campground Hosts, but never got around to it. But, after each having a health scare in 2014, we decided to make the move. Our first Host assignment was at Lake Gogebic SP in June of 2015, and we hosted there for three years. We began hosting at LSP in August of 2018 and will be here for our fifth year in 2022.

The best part of being a Campground Host is meeting people. We always look forward to seeing campers who visit each year at the same time we are at the park. And, meeting campers and visitors we may never see again. Whether it’s over a cup of coffee at the Host Site, or chatting in the campgrounds while picking up litter, we have met so many fascinating people from so many places.


Do you live in the Ludington area and have returnables you do not want to take back to the store?  Have you considered donating them to FLSP by dropping them off at one of the eight collection points within the LSP?  

Adopt-a-Highway Volunteers

The next scheduled Adopt-a-Highway pick-up is Tuesday, September 27, 2022. For more information or to sign-up please click here

Please consider donating to FLSP!

There are many ways to support the FLSP. You may give towards overall park stewardship (trees, trail maintenance, historical structure repair), programming (summer entertainment, environmental education, signage, snowshoeing) or specific projects such as the second track chair. See our donor page for more information.